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Our Mission

To help abused women to develop confidence and self-worth, so they can become independent, self-reliant, and take pride in developing their own security, with economic independence.

Our Work

This is achieved by:

  • Providing individual evaluations and analysis, which will identify the strength of each victim.
  • Offer peer support group groups.
  • Enroll them in our programs that offer a business plan and entrepreneurial skill development.
  • Provide an individual support team that will offer encouragement, but yet accountability.
  • Provide business grants to individuals that continue to demonstrate growth in their business.

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Confidence. To have a lack of confidence can be crippling physically, mentally, and emotionally. Stripping a person’s confidence can destroy a person’s self-esteem. Victim of domestic abuse often lacks the confidence to leave their situation and the person that continues to abuse and control them. It takes courage for a person to leave a person that is controlling them, and believe they can stand on their own.

She Deserves is a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps women to rebuild their confidence, and empower them to stand on their own. This non-profit organization will teach these deserving women the entrepreneur skills they can use to build their own business, so they can become secure of themselves and have economic independence. These entrepreneur skills will complement the life skills they must learn to move on, heal, and regain the confidence they have lost.

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We are proud to partner with She Deserves to bring awareness to help abused women to develop confidence and self-worth, so they can become independent, self-reliant, and take pride in developing their own security, with economic independence.

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These epic theater events are made possible by you and quality sponsors: Women's Small Business Association - WSBA

Seth Neustein has hosted his exclusive Secret Speakeasy® experiences to sold out audiences across the US since 2016. Due to popular demand he is now bringing one of these unforgettable events to Pittsburgh.

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Questions can be sent to

The rink will be open for our community skate only, during the hours. That means you must have a ticket to attend and space is limited.

This is a community skate party that will bring together a PURPLE WAVE of supporters! This event is open to all ages, and we hope you will consider wearing purple to show your support.

Your kindness supports survivors that are going through the She Deserves programs. We hope that the survivors will be encouraged when they see the wave of purple at the event!

Your ticket purchase will also skate forward and provide a ticket to one child of the survivors. So bring the whole family so you can forward a ticket to each child within a family.

We will also have a basket raffle provided by local businesses that support this cause. Prize donations are needed! Please contact us at to express your interest.


Sponsors andVolunteers are needed!


Adults - $10

Kids 12 and under - $5

Space is limited. Pre-sale tickets are encouraged!
Please use this link to secures your tickets.